Relay for Life Leadership Academy Team

May 13 (6pm) – May 14 (2am)

MU Quad

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL

The OSU Relay committee puts in enormous effort to make Relay a very fun, activity-filled event including: zumba, limbo, a scavenger hunt, and the costumed laps (superheroes, pjs). The event spanned 6pm(5/13)-2am(5/14).

A few misconceptions to address about this event:

  • This was not a running event.  When completing laps, people walked and chattted with friends.
  • You only walk for 1/2 hour intervals that you sign up for; there is no required "lap quota" to be met.
  • Relay's atmosphere was similar to a small carnival (with music, games, food, and friends)! It was about community and celebration of life. Most of the work/fundraising occured before the actual event.  There was also a "camp site" with chairs and a canopy.
  • Students were not required to fundraise. Just participating and walking a few laps was enough.