April 6th

Leadership Academy Pillar: INCLUSIVE

The world continues to grow ever more interconnected.  Effective leaders today appreciate the value of difference—they build highly-functioning teams where all are valued and included, enabling innovative solutions to emerge.  This session challenged participants to consider their thinking, assumptions they may make, and how this impacts their interactions with others.  Industry mentors shared real-life examples of how inclusive leadership makes a tangible impact on personal and organizational success!

-Students selected and completed two brief online implicit bias tools in advance of attending the session.

-The session began with a brief overview on the notion of implicit bias, discussion of experience with implicit bias tools, importance of inclusive leadership practice, followed by introductions to our industry guests via panel.

-Students enjoyed a simple meal with industry mentors who shared relevant experiences from their lives—talking about how personal attributes/identities should be considered must be mindfully considered in interactions with others. 

-Two rotations were made so that each student participant had an opportunity to talk with at least two professionals.