Women in Leadership Oct 25th, 2017 6:00-8:30 PM 
Leadership Academy Pillar: PROFESSIONAL or INCLUSIVE (Member choice)
Studies indicate that diversity of thought and approach are critically valuable to all types of organizations, particularly in the leadership ranks.  Gender based diversity is particularly advantageous to businesses and organizations because of the different ways men and women approach and execute decisions.   There is a lack of women in leadership ranks that has resulted from systematic injustices throughout society. Businesses are increasingly aware of this issue and motivated to increase the numbers of women in leadership roles who will enable increased organizational success.
We postulate that students graduating from colleges nationally are often not equipped, nor understand the challenges of getting to leadership positions within organizations and excelling in that environment.  We seek to adjust this reality through workshops aimed at helping new graduates and especially women, understand the organizational dynamics they will encounter on the path to leadership positions, as well as develop strategies to overcome barriers to executive ranks.
This workshop will educate Oregon State students on the challenges of leadership and rising through the organizational ranks, will demonstrate multiple strategies of overcoming these challenges getting there.  The audience will participate in various simulations to demonstrate the key points made during the workshop.  There will be significant opportunity for Q&A as well.  After the session, the facilitators will be available for “office hours” on campus Thurs and Fri to address further inquiries with students (sign-up sheet will be available at the session).
Prerequisites:  Complete the assessment contained within the Strengths Finder 2.0 book by Gallup.  Participants will bring their top 3-5 strengths to the Women in Leadership Workshop.
Michael Hermens - Organizational change leader and consultant - with 25 years of experience across  multiple industries, Mr. Hermens has been coaching senior executives in the successful implementation of organizational structure design, leadership development and culture change.
David Smith - Business development consultant with 20 years of experience in business development , leadership and personal coaching.  Mr. Smith is the author of Straighten Up and Fly Right, Unlocking Your Full Potential.

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