Weaponizing Hatred:  What, if Anything, can be done to Reduce the Flow of Hate Speech | Thursday, May 2, 2019, 7:30pm | MU Room 109

Leadership Academy Pillar: INCLUSIVE


Panel Discussion

Three members of faculty at OSU gave perspectives on the use of mass media to spread hatred. First, Katherine Hubler discussed a Nazi-era German tabloid that regularly used “fake news” to demonize Jews. The balance of the panel discussion focused on the current issue of how the Internet is being used to spread hatred that can in turn incite violence directed against the groups and individuals that it demonizes. William E. Loges explained why hate speech so often finds a home in social media. The final panelist, Daniel Faltesek, discussed a project that he and several of his students undertook during the midterm elections to track and categorize tens of thousands of Anti-Semitic tweets.


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