May 12th, 9am-4pm (required training 5-6pm  April 18th or 19th -- option to attend training in person or remotely)
Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFUL, PROFESSIONAL, or COLLABORATIVE (member choice)

TECH Talks is a one-day seminar produced entirely by students and emerging professionals featuring speakers who are shaping the future in the fields of Technology, Engineering, Creativity and Health (TECH). The purpose of TECH Talks is to present cutting edge technologies to connect students (the next generation of industry leaders) with prospective employers by featuring exciting innovations in the TECH fields.

This year’s event was on May 12, 2017 and the keynote speaker was Richard Nowak, VP of Strategic Projects at Siemens Building Technologies. Other speakers scheduled to appear at TECH Talks were Kara McFall; Director of AIM (cybersecurity), Terry Medler; Coussens Laboratory (cancer research), Nick Gurnon; Polaris Battery Labs, Christopher Dymond; Northwest Energy Alliance (NW avoiding smoke stacks), and Autumn Engh; Graduate of Oregon Tech (power transposition).

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