Wednesday, January 22nd| 5pm - 7pm | Johnson 221


Many guides on leadership suggest that a critical skill needed as a leader is your ability to listen well.   That sounds great right?   But do you know HOW to listen well?  This session will focus on the principles and methods of active listening, exploring and explaining concepts that will help you be a more effective listener.  Understanding the principles and methods will help you be a more effective leader, gather information  and do organizational diagnostics, and gosh darn, maybe even help you get a job!   (You’ll learn about the job hunting part of the this if you go to the class).

From the speaker Brad Hermanson: 

“Like a lot of engineering students and engineers, I never received any formal training in active listening.  One day I was walking through the CH2M HILL office where I worked and saw a sign announcing training in listening skills, specifically oriented to gathering information for proposals and marketing pursuits.  I had an open lunch and decided to attend the training.  What I learned kind of blew my mind – it seemed to answer things that had been rattling around in my head about things we should be doing to sell our services.  The paradigm shift for me came when I realized that “selling” was really about listening.  

“I started practicing the skills I heard in the class and found they helped me in a lot of other areas. I had always gotten extremely nervous attending large events where I didn’t know many people, like technical conferences.  The active listening skills got me over that hump and now I feel really comfortable at those kinds of events.  I also have done a lot of organizational diagnostics and found that knowing how to ask questions and listen well is invaluable for obtaining useful information on an organization’s performance.  And I have found that job applicants who come to me looking for employment stand out if they use active listening.  Over time I have come to realize that learning active listening was one of the most important things I have learned in my career.”

Brad Hermanson, PE, PMP is a consultant and project manager in Portland, Oregon.  He has a BS in chemical engineering and a MS in civil/environmental engineering, both from Oregon State University, and a MBA from the University of Oregon.  He is a licensed professional engineer in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and is certified by the Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

Brad is Company Officer, Manager of the 40-member Environmental Sciences and Engineering Business Unit and also Manager of the Portland Office for Hart Crowser.  Hart Crowser is a 120-member engineering consulting firm concentrated in the Pacific Northwest and Hawai’i.  Previously Brad was Company Director of Project Delivery and Quality and member of the Board of Directors for a 550-person consulting engineering firm with a combined total active project revenue of over $1/3 billion.  

Brad is experienced in organizational and individual improvement.  He is an enthusiastic and entertaining speaker.  He has developed and delivered half- to multi-day training programs, spoken at international conferences, and delivered training programs to global audiences of over 700 listeners. 

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