November 1st

Featuring: Emily Bowling

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL or INCLUSIVE

Students learned about the Social Change Model of Leadership and its’ “7 C’s”.  This theory of leadership is well established in the literature and widely applicable to modern leadership practice.  Social issues are complex, interconnected, and interwoven with personal values and beliefs.  After being introduced to the Social Change Model of Leadership, students engaged in an interactive activity to examine a current issue, analyze the symptoms and root causes and utilizing principles of the leadership model to explore what can be done to address it.  This workshop empowered Leadership Academy members to help create a better future by positively influencing the societal issues that are important to them as leaders. 

Over the past ten years, Emily has held Student Affairs positions in the areas of residence life, first year programs, civic engagement/service-learning, and sustainability. As an ardent supporter of experiential, place-based education, Emily's work is centered on facilitating students’ leadership development for working toward a more just, humane, and sustainable world. She holds a master’s degree in Sustainability Education from Portland State University and a bachelor’s of science in Biology from Susquehanna University. When not in the CCE, Emily enjoys hiking, cycling, seeing live music, cooking, playing indoor soccer, and exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 


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