February 21st 

Featuring: Dave Chin (BusinessCOACH of Oregon)

Leadership Academy Pillar: COLLABORATIVE

Unleash the power of teamwork! 
Members learned how to become a highly effective leader in every situation. Never before in the history of the workplace has the concept of teamwork been more important to the functioning of successful organizations. ​

This workshop challenged students to be aware of their leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, and the impact these have on their groups/teams. By becoming more aware of your personal style, you are able to better evaluate and appropriately tailor your approach, to bring out the highest performance of individual team members and for the organization overall.


Key learnings included:

-A highly effective system to elicit the best performance from and communication with your team

-When to delegate, support, or direct to create highly motivated and productive team members

-How to improve your relationships and effectiveness in leading teams to achieve success

-4 steps to learning and what leadership style is most effective in each step



This event was for Leadership Academy Members only. Not a member?  Submit your application today!

(All OSU engineering students in good academic standing are eligible to apply)