February 21st 

Situational Leadership

Facilitated by: 

  • Jon Swartzentruber (VP of Leadership Development)
  • Jeff Ellis (Vice President; Executive Area Manager)
  • Pari Smart (Senior Learning Manager)
  • Kent Boden (Pursuits Manager)
  • Meagan McGrew (HR Manager)

Leadership Academy Pillar: COLLABORATIVE

This workshop challenged students to be aware of their overall leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, and the impact on their teams. It moved students to think about what they, as leaders, are doing on a daily basis. By being more aware of personal leadership style, this workshop challenged attendees to evaluate the impact they are having on those around themand ultimately how to increase their teams' pride, morale and results. 

This was a highly interactive workshop that employed film scenes, interactive discussion, learning checklists and break-out groups for developing individual action plans to improve leadership effectiveness.

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees had:

  • Assessed the issues facing their team and the leader’s responsibility to address them
  • Recognized when teamwork is low and how to correct it
  • Identified morale building methodologies that work
  • Learned how to deal with confrontation
  • Learned how to gain others’ buy-in
  • Recognized the controls of discipline and structure                                                                                                                  


Topics addressed included:


Effective Communication


Gaining Buy-In


Creating Alignment

Building Pride



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