Monday, February 24th | 5pm | Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center


You are invited to attend the unveiling of Palmer Patton's unique life story on February 24th at 5 pm in the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center.

Larry Landis (Director of OSU's Special Collections and Archives Research Center) and Dr. Dwaine Plaza (Professor of Sociology) will work together to unveil the story of an African American male who had to pass as “white” in order to obtain an education in the Pacific North West.

Palmer Patton attended Oregon Agricultural College from 1916-1920 as an African American male who “passed” throughout his student life as a white male.

Patton ultimately graduated from OAC with a Bachelor and Master’s Degree from the School of Agriculture and served as a faculty member in agriculture during the 1920-1921 academic year.

Light refreshments will be served

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