April 18th

Earth Day Service Project: Produce for the People

In partnership with the OSU Center for Civic Engagement

Leadership Academy Pillar: ETHICAL 

The OSU Student Leadership and Involvement Center for Civic Engagement organized numerous projects for Saturday, April 18th, to celebrate Earth Day and give back to the community.      

Members of the Leadership Academy participated and were invited to join Dr. Scott Paja and others from the OSU community on the Produce for the People project.  Those who participated completed one requirement for Academy Pillar: Ethical.  

Members who were interested needed to:

  1. Sign up via the Center for Civic Engagement registration page: coming soon! (NOT the Academy Portal)
  2. Email Dr. Scott Paja at: scott.paja@oregonstate.edu indicating that they have registered with the CCE for the Produce for the People project
  3. Following the project, complete a brief survey reflection via the Academy Portal as required for all Academy events
  4. Receive a credit towards completion of the Academy visible on their account in the Academy Portal!