The Pillars comprise the core of an engineering leader.  Students in the Leadership Academy will hone abilities by engaging in a minimum of 3 learning opportunities for each of the 5 Pillars (15 overall) to develop as EP2IC leaders.


Leaders espouse humility, honesty, and ethical practices.  They are committed to civic engagement and dedicated service to others.  Leaders have strong morals and put their integrity ahead of personal or professional gains.


Leaders are flexible life-long learners who attack each day with purpose.  They are introspective and aware of personal strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and biases.  Leaders’ honest self-understanding allows them to make meaningful life and career decisions.


Leaders are polished individuals.  They present strong personal brands, maximize networking opportunities, and positively influence others.  Leaders exhibit tact and business savvy to skillfully navigate personal and organizational dynamics.


Leaders are globally prepared individuals who value difference.  They seek out diverse team members and ensure inclusive environments where the convergence of cultures and ideas drive innovation.  Leaders work for positive change by recognizing and addressing privilege, oppression, and systems of inequality in the world.


Leaders articulate compelling vision and inspire others.  They draw from many perspectives on leadership to guide their practice, using exceptional communication skills, humor, and emotional intelligence to resolve conflicts and build relationships. Leaders understand group dynamics, team-building, how to empower others, and solve complex problems.