October 14th-16th, 2016

University of Oregon's MAC Court, Eugene, OR 

Leadership Academy Pillar: Member Choice; COLLABORATIVE or PROFESSIONAL

A hackathon is an intensive prototype period typically lasting between 24 and 48 hours. During this time participants will collaborate and work toward building a product. Hackathons are perfect vehicles for hands on learning and interdisciplinary peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Over 80% of all Ivy League universities hold annual hackathons and annually there are well over 100 collegiate hackathons with over 50,000 student participants.

The University of Oregon (UofO) held its first two hackathons during the 2015/2016 academic year i.e. QuackHack and HackTown USA 26.2 Coding Marathon. The aforementioned hackathons attracted a very diverse student population i.e. students from 16 majors, 15 universities and 6 states thus facilitating the interdisciplinary peer-to-peer knowledge sharing concept.

During the 2016/2017 academic year the UofO introduced QuackCon, the first ever collegiate sports/tech hackathon; with the explicit end goal of prototyping sports and outdoor products for athletic performance and/or audience engagement. Student participants had the opportunity to receive mentorship from local industry experts, thus expanding their own professional network.

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