Monday, January 24 | 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm | Virtual

Pillar: Collaborative

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LEMON Leadership is a fresh way to understand leadership styles. LEMON is an acronym, which represents five different approaches to leading: Luminary, Entrepreneur, Manager, Organizer, and Networker. Which one are you?

Understanding these leadership types uncovers important keys to dealing with yourself and others in situations calling for different types of leaders. In this workshops, Dave Chin will help you identify which type of leader you are, and show you how to apply your specific characteristics within your organization.

Please note: All students who sign up for this workshop will receive a free copy of LEMON Leadership: Radically Fresh Leadership by Brett Johnson. This book will be used during the workshop.

Dave Chin, owner of BusinessCOACH of Oregon, helps businesses reignite their passion and accelerate to success. His clients are re-energized, refocused, and growing their businesses more than they ever thought possible. They work fewer hours, earn more money and experience less stress. Dave is a Chemical Engineering and MBA graduate of Oregon State University who applying his talents at Intel for 14 years before following his passion to help businesses and starting BusinessCOACH of Oregon.


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