Tuesday, May 25th | 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Pillar: Collaborative


This event is a co-creation of the forestry faculties of the University of Helsinki, University of British Columbia, and Oregon State University. Its goal is to stimulate conversation around innovative ideas and build connection during this pandemic period. We welcome our global colleagues to join us as we explore these complex questions in a discussion with global experts from four continents whose expertise spans technology, business, governance, and conservation.

  • Despite centuries of improvement in the management of forests and natural resources, the state of our climate and health of our global ecosystems continue to diminish. Can new technologies and new approaches still open up the possibility of genuinely sustainable futures?
  • Given the scale of the challenges we face, is it still possible to harness the knowledge of local communities and the power of global markets to bring forward game-changing solutions?


1. Register at https://www.forestry.oregonstate.edu/future-forests

2. Email Alex Melville after the event at: COEleadershipacademy@oregonstate.edu with proof of attendance to this virtual event.
3. Upon verification of your participation following the project, you will receive access to complete a brief survey reflection via the Academy Portal as required for all Academy events.


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