April 7th

Finding Your Fit

Facilitated by: Megan Goodson (Intel), Josh Gray (serial entrepreneur; numerous companies), Jeff Hockert (Intel), Molly O’Hearn (iovation), Sue Richards (HP), and Tom Teramura (PCC Structurals) 

Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFUL or PROFESSIONAL (member choice)


Leaders pursue meaningful careers.  This event offered an opportunity to hear from professionals with a variety of backgrounds at different sized orgranizations across multiple sectors and markets.  Thinking about what culture is the right fit for your unique talents and style as a leader is the first step to starting your professional life in a rewarding job that is the first step in a meaningful career.  Those who attened experienced an interactive panel format followed by roundtables with our guests and were given the opportunity to ask lots of questions!


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(All OSU engineering students in good academic standing with a minimum of 45 total earned credits are eligible to apply)