Why did you initially seek to join the Leadership Academy?

I initially choose to join the Leadership Academy because I am always looking for ways to improve and practice my leadership skills. After hearing about the pillars and different components that make up the Leadership Academy, I knew that it was definitely something that aligned with the type of student and professional I want to be. The Leadership Academy is a perfect avenue for students to further develop themselves academically, professionally, and personally while here at Oregon State.


What has been the most beneficial aspect of being a member of the Leadership Academy?

The most beneficial aspect of being a member of the Leadership Academy has been all of the valuable resources that I would have never been exposed to if I weren’t a member.  We are privileged to have numerous professionals come and speak to us about thought-provoking topics. In addition, there are valuable networking and professional development events in which these distinguished professionals have patiently and enthusiastically mentored us. These interactions with professionals have helped me and my fellow classmates develop valuable connections with professionals.

In addition, it has been very beneficial having Dr. Paja so hands-on during our leadership development. His responses to our reflections often cause me to think deeper about the topics. He also does a very thorough job of getting to know the Leadership Academy participants so he can better learn how to specifically help each individual.


How has membership with the Leadership Academy benefitted you personally, academically and/or for career development?

The leadership academy has benefitted me by causing me to think about topics that I would have never thought of, such as how to negotiate an offer or evaluate my greatest strengths as a leader. Through speakers and conversations that I have had at Leadership Academy events, I have been exposed to areas of leadership that I would have never thought of if I hadn’t joined.

In addition, I think the Leadership Academy has taught me many things that curriculum and the classroom could not have. Improving my networking skills, or learning how to navigate a professional event is something that simply can’t be learned in the classroom. Being in the Leadership Academy helps us focus and practice on these critical pieces of being a successful person and a professional. Performing a mock interview with professionals, or attending a roundtable event are experiences that we are privileged to have as Leadership Academy students.