January 8-10 

B’nai B’rith Camp near Lincoln City, OR.

Leadership Academy Pillar: INCLUSIVE

The Examining White Identity (EWI) retreat focuses on White identity development, White privilege, and oppression in both personal and institutional contexts, and introduces strategies to dismantle oppressive systems. We will look at ways that understanding these issues will help us address White privilege and oppression in ourselves and with other White people and become better allies for social justice. This year’s retreat will be the weekend of January 8-10, 2016 at the B’nai B’rith Camp near Lincoln City, OR. 

Registration for this event is required at this link (not via the Academy Portal).  Members please email Dr. Scott Paja (Scott.Paja@oregonstate.edu) to achieve your acknowledgement towards the Leadership Academy INCLUSIVE Pillar.

To learn more about or to apply for the Examining White Identity retreat, go to the Social Justice Retreats Web Address: http://dce.oregonstate.edu/social-change/engagement/retreats


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(All OSU engineering students in good academic standing with a minimum of 45 total earned credits are eligible to apply)