Tuesday, April 6 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Delivered Remotely

Pillar: Purposeful

An essential part of leadership is to purposefully align your intended path.  This does not mean you can see the future and know what is around every curve, but understanding what you enjoy and what you do better than anyone else can be the foundation for an intentional approach that will enable you to maximize success in your journey forward.  In this session, Sue Galatz will help attendees understand the importance of identifying their distinctive advantages and then leveraging these talents as a basis for optimal navigation in life.

Sue Galatz most recently served as Business Director for Nike before deciding to retire earlier in 2018 and take on new life adventures.  Prior to this role, Galatz worked in a variety of other positions for Nike Inc. that spanned disciplines and fields.  Before joining Nike, Galatz gained experience in directing global supply chain, engineering management, and corporate strategy in roles for Mentor Graphics as well as Tektronix.  She also has experience working as a business development consultant with numerous Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and education institutions (examples include: Nike, Ford, IBM, FedEx, BMW, Nordstrom, Calpine, the US Navy, the State of Oregon, and the University of Nebraska).  Galatz leverages strong communications and relationship building skills to bring great ideas to life.  She is adept at making innovative ideas real, and making the complicated simple.  She enjoys cycling, running, and other outdoor sports, along with art, travel, and community service. Galatz holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University, a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Portland, and a certification in Japanese from Shibusawa International School in Fukaya, Japan.


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